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Our classes are taught by world-class, experienced, and certified teachers who embody yoga and teach with an intimate understanding of the classic yoga texts and various yoga traditions, whose devotion, lives and teachings are their art.

Mariah Gates

ME: Compassionate, Courageous, and a (recovering) Perfectionist

Mariah is our Canadian queen yogi. And like the famous Mariah(Carey), she has a voice like honey.  And there’s good reason for that as she grew up on a bee farm in British Columbia, Canada! Mariah knows how to keep bees, raise queens and was taste-testing honey straight from the hive as a toddler.

A (recovering) perfectionist and straight-shooter, Mariah has undertaken over 1300 hours in all aspects of yoga training. Practising for more than 15 years, Mariah has a deep love for yoga and meditation. She is using her passion and experience currently producing “The Holistic Approach”, a 6 episode television series exploring all things yoga. In the series she speaks to guests about Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, Asana and Ayurveda the sister science of yoga.

Mariah’s classes are filled with mindful movement encouraging students to get to know their bodies better. She believes yoga is for every ‘body’ and if a pose doesn’t work for that body, then the pose should be modified to fit the person. Mariah knows that many bodies have physical limitations and she encourages you to embrace these as part of your practice.

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