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Our classes are taught by world-class, experienced, and certified teachers who embody yoga and teach with an intimate understanding of the classic yoga texts and various yoga traditions, whose devotion, lives and teachings are their art.

Maddy Grey

ME: Sassy, Funny, Lively

Maddy is a chameleon and all-round talented lady. A talented singer songwriter, Maddy is an amazing dancer and instructor. She is a qualified barre and yoga Instructor who brings energy and fun to every class. Her clients describe her as a little ray of sunshine – always smiling and ready to uplift and inspire you.

You may have to double check though when doing her classes, as today she may have curly hair and tomorrow straight. Hair up or down…you just never know…

Maddy is all about being yourself and exercising to celebrate our bodies and everything they are capable of. She loves that through fitness we can discover that our bodies are stronger and more resilient than we think and we can challenge ourselves to become happier and healthier. Maddy’s secret? Even though she wears pink to work everyday, she’s actually a huge tomboy: she loves skateboarding and wearing oversized shirts and beanies. Living proof that barre, and all types of fitness, are for everyone. 

We love this client review as it sums up Maddy’s magic perfectly “I love Maddy’s classes! She’s always ready with a smile and a laugh… even at 6am! Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and you can tell that she really knows what she’s doing and loves what she does.” 

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