Inspirational Australian Women: Katelan Stack

Inspirational Australian Women: Katelan Stack

Miss NAIDOC 2020, Katelan Stack: “My Aboriginality is what makes me unique, and that alone gives me power.”

Miss NAIDOC Perth, a leadership and empowerment program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, celebrated it’s 10th year in 2020. More than a simple beauty pageant, the 6-week event sees finalists workshopped and mentored in culture, presentation and personal development. Last year, proud Noongar woman Katelan Stack took home the crown.

The 24-year-old from Perth applied to the Miss NAIDOC program to deepen her connection to culture and hone her skills as an aspiring motivational speaker. Her goal is to become a spokesperson for her people, and hopefully encourage other First Nations People like her to do the same, strengthening the collective voice of their culture. For Katelan, her grandparents and parents are her role models. All four of Katelan’s grandparents were part of the Stolen Generation, and encouraged her to always be proud of her Aboriginal roots and identity. She knew they sacrificed a lot in their time, and so seeks to make them proud now by carrying on their legacy.

An inspiring young woman, Katelan desires to use her newly developed skills to go out into her community and speak about empowerment, making changes to peoples’ attitudes by helping them develop mindfulness. She has learnt from her own struggles and experiences that the power of self-belief and a healthy mind-set can transform one’s resilience in life. 

“I want to explain that we should never settle for less and we are more than what we think. I want to share in great depth that we are the lead role in our lives and we can design it however we want. I want to see and make an impact on our people. I want to see them grow into want they want, and then go out into the world and make an impact on others. I want to make a change. And I will make that change.”

The team at Me by Aleenta is inspired by Katelan’s drive and determination to help others love and be who they are, while realising the greatest versions of themselves. Her strong sense of self and connection to her Aboriginal identity is a force to be reckoned with. We also love that she chose to kick-start her dreams by hearing the stories of fellow Miss NAIDOC finalists over the course of the program. Rather than tearing others down to lift herself up, she believes in women supporting women, and that “meeting these amazing women is what we need [on] our journey to become our best selves.” We couldn’t agree more! 

Congratulations and all the best to Katelan, on her win and future endeavours.


Written By Sascha Czuchwicki
Me By Aleenta Social Media Manager & Trainer


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