About Us

Who is ME by Aleenta?

We are an empowered group of women who empower other women.
We exercise in celebration of our bodies, not in punishment.
We prioritise ourselves so we can show up for others.
We choose balance over perfection.
We are always unapologetically us.
We are strong.
We are feminine.
We are women.
We are ME by Aleenta.

“I just can’t find the time . . .”

We all want to make healthier choices, but sometimes (well . . . a lot of the time) it’s hard. Hard to fit it in the schedule . . . hard to prioritise . . . hard to get excited about . . . We get it. With ME, you can workout at home, at the park, at your friend’s, in a parking lot waiting for your kid to get out of class — wherever you want! No driving to the gym, wasting time waiting for your rotation on the machine . . . no rushing to make a group class that really doesn’t fit your schedule . . . no overpriced studio membership.

Our workouts are just 10, 15, and 30 minutes — and they are tailored specifically to women’s bodies, cycles, hormones, and needs!

There are 1440 minutes in a day. Carving out just 30 minutes (that’s just .02% of your day!) will help you not only FEEL better . . . but LIVE better.

“I don’t know where to start . . . ”

We got you! All our Programs are dedicated to what you want AND what you need. Our team is here to motivate, push, empathise, and support you. PLUS, we have an awesome community of other ME members for you to connect with! Along with our nutrition and exercise experts, ME by Aleenta gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Our Story

We are not supermodels, celebrities, or influencers.

We are regular women with the same frustrations and struggles when it comes to our bodies, our schedules, our eating habits, and our motivations (or lack thereof).

And just like you, we do our best to fit healthy, balanced choices into our everyday chaos.

We’ve got six kids between us, a thriving business, and we attempt to have a social life, just saying . . . we get it.

It can be hard to prioritise ourselves.

It can be hard to make healthy choices.

As we got older and life got busier, we looked for something online that would meet our needs as we transitioned through different life stages – getting married, having bubs, post-bubs, and all the body changes that come with them. But there weren’t many options. Sure some of those cardio workouts are great in your 20s, but not so much in your 40s . . .

We realised we needed a one-stop-shop for women like us! And not some program created by celebrities with unlimited cashflow or individuals gifted with amazing genetics.

We needed workouts for women BY women.

So, that’s why we started ME by Aleenta.
Because it’s about ME, YOU, and EVERY WOMAN we know.

We have an awesome team who are best-in-class at guiding, motivating, and helping you move your body — no matter where you are in your life’s journey.

Simply choose what works for you.

Our Commitment

Cardio At Home

We are committed to your wellbeing.

Simply put — our program WORKS.

Thousands have taken our classes. And no one has asked for a refund.

We know you will be hooked! You will feel better. Your friends and family will notice . . . but beyond that, you will feel more balanced, more centred, clearer, and happier.

Fewer aches and pains.
Less wobbly bits.
More flexible.
More confident.
And good. You’ll feel really, really good.
Like . . . top-of-the-world good.

And you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

Every tool, workout, program or resource we include in ‘Me by Aleenta’ must pass our HAPPY test:

HOW does it make you feel?
Is it ACHIEVABLE in a busy lifestyle?
Does it have a POSITIVE impact on you?
Does it solve a PROBLEM?
WHY should I care about this?
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